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Special recommendations

The recommendations from a recent study by NCB and partners will help to improve access to key services and support across England for children with Special Educational Needs and their families.

The research study showed real differences across the country in terms of the level of support and access to key services that were available to children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and their families. In addition, the research study also suggested that better and accessible support, training and advice is required by family members, teachers and those offering specialist advice to children and young people with special educational needs.

In response, NCB has recommended that from now on, it is important that parents and children with SEN are consulted about the design of any support services. It has also been advised that the services are developed in partnership with them, that policies are clear and information is easy to get and understand.

The research has important implications for government policy and NCB, working together with the Council for Disabled Children (who were also involved in this research), will do all they can to ensure the right policies are in place to ensure the best services are available in the future.

Research plays a really important part in the work NCB - the leading support charity for children, young people and families - does to advance the well-being of children and young people across every aspect of their lives. 




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