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Young people take a lead role

Outside image of Acorns Children's Hospitce

When candidates came to an interview at Acorns Children’s Hospice, they weren’t expecting to be grilled by a group of youngsters who knew exactly what they were looking for in a new Youth Worker.

All the candidates for the new role took part in a group activity with Acorns children aged from ten up. The young people had created a profile of an ideal Youth Worker, suggested what qualities they needed and devised a series of questions. The young people were then asked to give their feedback on each of the candidate’s skills, and ability to relate to people their age.
The role of a Youth Worker within the hospices is to enhance the adolescence services offered by Acorns, and to give young people – regardless of their disability - the chance to voice their wishes and opinions.

Jo Saunders, Acorns’ Regional Lead for Adolescence, said: “We decided the best people to say who they would like in the role were the children themselves. Involving them in meeting the candidates and being part of the decision is quite an unusual approach, but it proved very successful.”

The initiative to get the children involved in the recruitment process was part of a new project aimed at giving them a voice on issues that affect them. The children have also used film making and writing projects to express opinions on subjects such as proper use of disabled parking spaces, waiting times in hospitals and ease of access to buildings and outside spaces.

Your support helps to make projects like these possible. Acorns works with families to make the most of the time they have left with their life-limited child.



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