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Towards a brighter future for children like Ellie

EllieWhen you’re living with a challenging condition like ataxia, knowing that researchers are making progress brings hope and encouragement, especially when times are tough.

Take the Chapman family for example. Daughter Ellie has a rare form of ataxia which makes it difficult to walk, talk and co-ordinate her movements. And as Mum Kelly explains, the day-to-day reality of living with such symptoms can sometimes feel overwhelming:

‘I had an almighty shock when she was first diagnosed. I’d never heard of ataxia, and I felt like the earth had opened up and swallowed me whole. Sometimes I still feel like that.’

Find out how Ellie could benefit from discoveries being made by Ataxia UK funded researchers

Outstanding commitment

Ellie is the only person in the UK to have her form of ataxia, and only the thirteenth ever diagnosed with it worldwide.

It is so rare that many parents would struggle to accept that it had ‘happened’ to their family. But just like courageous Ellie, Kelly has really risen to the challenge - and even braved a parachute jump and climbed Kilimanjaro to raise money for Ataxia UK.

‘After finding out about Ellie’s disease I became determined to do something positive’ explains Kelly; ‘if I can help raise awareness and vitally needed funds to go towards medical research into a cure, then at least I’m giving something back.’

With researchers such as Kate Duberley on the case, parents like Kelly have every chance of seeing their hopes come to fruition in new treatments for ataxia.

By supporting Childlife, and the innovative and promising research conducted by our chosen charities, you are helping to give families like the Chapmans the very best chance of a life-changing breakthrough. Thank you.

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