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Stop the Cuts

While all of us recognise the financial pressures that the Government and local authorities are under, cutting frontline services for vulnerable children cannot be the answer. Access to Teachers of the Deaf, speech and language therapists and specialist equipment is not a luxury; it plays a vital role in helping deaf children to communicate, learn and ultimately reach their potential.

Removing this support frustrates ambition and leads to under achievement. Already in the UK, deaf children are 46% less likely to achieve good grades at school. And this inequality will only worsen – unless we take action.

Cuts today lead to poorer outcomes tomorrow

Right now, one third of councils are planning further cuts to vital frontline services; cuts that will - without a shadow of a doubt - impact on the health and wellbeing of deaf children and their families.

Budgets for speech and language therapy and social care for deaf children have already been slashed. And families with deaf children are having to decide whether to move house to access the support they need, or to stay put and watch as their sons and daughters fall further behind.  

Our colleagues at NDCS have already made good progress towards securing 100,000 petition signatures; the amount needed to trigger a debate in parliament. However, this target must be reached by 22 May 2013.

This is our best and possibly only chance to get these damaging cuts to the top of the political agenda and to make sure that MPs obey the law which exists to protect deaf children’s rights.

Sign the petition – and help give deaf children a brighter future

Jim CarterYou’ll certainly be in good company. Prominent campaign supporters include virtuosa percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie, Downton Abbey actor Jim Carter and Paralympic medallist Ben Rushgrove, who all feature in a short film about the Stolen Futures campaign. You can watch it now at

As parents Emma Newton and Jayne Fenton explain, Stolen Futures isn’t just a campaign name it’s a frightening and all-too-familiar prospect. Families are feeling the squeeze now; children are losing services now. So please act now to stop the cuts from striking deeper.

Emma was shocked when her daughter’s school timetable revealed that her one-to-one hours with a Teacher of the Deaf had been drastically cut.

No one explained why the local authority was taking away this essential support or how Daisy was supposed to access the curriculum without it. Had Emma not had NDCS to turn to, she would have remained in the dark – with no opportunity to make her voice heard.

‘The Stolen Futures petition is essential to highlight the plight of our service’, says Emma; ‘to make people stand up and listen’.

This view is endorsed by Jayne, Mum of two deaf children, Keir and Naimh. Jayne is also supporting Stolen Futures, and campaigning for greater transparency from her local council and to stop proposals to cut the number of Teachers of the Deaf.

‘What is happening here is shocking and children will suffer’, says Jayne; ‘when people say “they are doing OK for a deaf child” that is not good enough.’ before 22 May 2013.

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