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A Life Routes success story

‘The life skills I’ve learnt have helped me get over my problems and rebuild my life’

Sarah, Life Routes participant

‘I didn’t do well at school - and life looked pretty grim. I joined the Life Routes programme to avoid being permanently excluded. But having spent a year working on a series of projects, I can honestly say it’s been brilliant.

Life Routes encouraged me to join in and the project workers were great. They showed me how to overcome obstacles so that they don’t get in my way. And now I’ve developed a range of skills which I have taken on to college.’

'When I think about what I've achieved so far, that keeps me going and inspires me to go for opportunities that come my way.'

‘I’m definitely more independent now, able to think about what I want to do in life – and not afraid to try it.
It’s not only me who feels like this. Other young people who have taken part say things like: ‘I feel proud of my actions’; ‘I have built up my confidence’; and ‘I’m learning for my future.’

Now I’m volunteering for Life Routes as a young mentor. No one can accuse me of being ‘trouble’ now! Instead, I just want to help others to achieve like I have.’

All four Childlife charities have high ambitions for children and young people and a commitment to helping them fulfil their potential. Thanks you for supporting us in this vital endeavour.
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