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NCB Life Routes programme

Most young people simply pick up life skills from their families or the community, but some don’t. And those are the ones Life Routes is here for.’

Sophie Wood, Life Routes Programme Manager

‘I’ve been at National Children’s Bureau since 2004, leading the development of the Life Routes programme.

Our aim is to help vulnerable young people who, for whatever reason, haven’t acquired the skills they need to complete their education, hold down a job and get on in life.

This includes skills such as decision-making, problem-solving, communication, teamwork and responsibility - things that most of us would struggle to cope without.’

‘Life Routes helps young people discover where their strengths lie and what their impact within the wider community can be.’

‘We work with young people who’ve experienced family breakdown, poor parenting and economic and social disadvantage... and time and again we see how, with the right support, they can gain the skills and self-belief to turn their lives around.

Take 16-year-old Sarah for example. She was on the brink of permanent exclusion when she first got involved with Life Routes. Now she’s equipped herself with a range of new skills and feels ready to face the world with confidence.

Most gratifying of all, Sarah now volunteers for Life Routes as a young mentor, which shows how participants are able to make positive choices for themselves while also playing a bigger part in their communities.’

All four Childlife charities aim to promote the interests and wellbeing of children and young people. Thank you for supporting us in this ambition.
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