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Connor shares his knowledge

Photo of ConnorThree years ago, Connor was told he had ataxia. With around only 7% of people having heard of ataxia, Connor and mum Rachel embarked on a journey to find out everything they could about the condition, and to educate friends and family along the way.

A lack of knowledge can be a huge hurdle when you are told your child has a progressive condition like ataxia. Soon after Connor’s diagnosis, his mum turned to Ataxia UK for information and support. With expert advice from the telephone helpline, the family were able to start claiming the benefits they were entitled to, get in touch with a local support group and find friendship with another family in the same situation.

Ataxia UK also sent Rachel a DVD which Connor showed to his school friends. Made with the help of children living with ataxia, the DVD explains what it is like for them and what restrictions it can put on day-to-day activities. But it also presents a positive image of young people getting on with their lives and achieving their goals.

Connor is now 11 and gets tired very easily so sometimes needs to use a wheelchair, but his mum says he ‘loves computer games and anything to do with soldiers!’ – just like his friends. Your support is helping children like Connor every day – thank you.

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