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Ataxia UK's 2020 Vision

Millie Mae is the public face of Ataxia UK’s ‘2020 Vision’ campaign, which seeks to find a cure for one or all of the ataxias by the year 2020.

‘This is a fantastic cMillie Mae 2020 Visionampaign, one we are proud and honoured to be part of.’
Millie Mae’s mum, Ellen.

Progress is being made all the time and the prospect of finding a cure or an effective treatment for the ataxias is better today than it’s ever been. But it will take time. And while the researchers beaver away in their labs,

Millie Mae and her family will need the support of Ataxia UK to sustain them. And they in turn need us – as all of the children and young people’s services provided by Ataxia UK rely on funding from Childlife.

A glimpse of the girl behind th
e campaign

‘In February 2010, I was diagnosed with Ataxia.  I have to go to hospital all the time.  I have two surgeons – one for my back and one for my feet. I have to wear splints for my hands at night and a plastic surgeon is monitoring my hands to see if I will need surgery. I have a cardiologist for my heart, another doctor for my nerves and a physiotherapist.  I have to take two tablets every day for my heart and six for my nerves. This is a normal day. When I was in pain I was taking 24 tablets a day.  In April 2010, I had spinal surgery.  I have two metal rods in my back (it took seven hours to do this).  I have to go every six months and have them adjusted as I grow.’ 

‘All this does not stop me doing things. I have more pets, go to more places and do more things than anyone I know.’  ‘When I was at Junior school, I went rock climbing with my outdoor activity group
and I climbed higher than some of my friends.  My new school have been really good to me too. They have a special comfy chair and let me take part in everything.’ 

Thank you for helping us support children like Millie Mae through Ataxia UK and for all we can achieve together via all four Childlife charities. 

Your gifts make a world of difference.
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