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Focus on Acorns

Kevin Harvey, Acorns Physiotherapist

‘When you see children and young people achieve things they never thought possible; that’s so encouraging - and it’s one of the reasons my job is so rewarding’

Kevin Harvey

Kevin has been working at Acorns in the Black Country for four years now, but he still approaches every day with the same enthusiasm as when he started.

Maybe it’s because, at Acorns, people are less in the habit of taking everyday things for granted:

‘Many of the children and young people I’m working with can’t do something as simple as cough’ explains Kevin; ‘which makes mucus hard to clear and this causes difficulty breathing.’

This is one of the circumstances in which physiotherapy can make a profound difference.

‘With respiratory physiotherapy techniques such as ‘percussion’ (also called cupping or clapping), we can help to break up thick secretions in the lungs and prevent shortness of breath’ says Kevin: ‘We also use cough assist machines, which are often used by clients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy – like James and William, who you can read about overleaf. This enables them to cough and clear their airways making it easier to breath.’

James and William also enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy: ‘Once they’re in the water, people who struggle to sit up are no longer fighting gravity’ says Kevin; ‘they can move more freely and achieve so much more.’

‘You can really see the difference it makes and why our work is so worthwhile.’

All four Childlife charities have dedicated teams of individuals at the heart of their operations. Thank you for enabling them to do what they do so well.

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