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Imran's story

NDCS Family Officers like Alison Marrs are able to support families deal with difficult situations, like the one Imran and his family found themselves in.

Seven year old Imran is profoundly deaf:
'Imran's dad had enrolled him in swimming lessons at the local Leisure Centre' explains Alison: 'Imran was really excited, but it soon became clear that he was struggling to keep up.  I was able to help Imran's dad and the Activities Officer at the pool to organise a special 'audit' by the Amateur Swimming Association.  This resulted in the instructor receiving training on how to communicate with deaf children and Imran is now much happier - and progressing well.'

This is just one example of how Family Officers can step in and assist a family with helping their child to achieve something that hearing children take for granted.

Find out more about how Alison and the other 26 NDCS Family Officers are making a difference to the lives of deaf children and their families.
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