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25 years of experience, progress, hard work, laughter, tears and exceptional care

It’s hard to believe that Nurse Sue Herlihy has worked at Acorns Children’s Hospice for the past quarter century; this Mum of three is so young at heart. Yet just like Acorns, Sue has clocked up 25 years’ of exceptional service to children and young people – most of whom will never have the chance to reach that age themselves.

Sue began work at Acorn’s as a qualified staff nurse in 1988. Since then, she has honed her nursing skills, pioneered new services, mentored others, led pain management and quality assurance groups… and so much more.

Today, Sue is Acorns Transition Worker, supporting young people and their families with the choices they face as they move to adult services. For example, she helps them make decisions about education, day care and respite options – always with great compassion and insight, and of course, that quarter of a century-worth of experience.

Find out more about Acorns 25th anniversary.

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