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Regular Donations

Childlife receives regular donations from supporters either by direct debit or standing order. The majority of donations tend to be monthly although they can be set up for quarterly or annual payments.

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Most of the supporters who donate to Childlife through regular donations have been recruited by 'face to face' fundraising. This is carried out either in public spaces or via the door. This type of fundraising is extremely valuable to Childlife as it allows us to talk about the work of our four charities to people who have not prevriously been in contact with us.

We are not currently doing any face to face fundraising at the moment but any future plans with details of date and venues will be listed on this page.

Donating to Childlife with a Regular Gift

If you would like to set up a new direct debit to Childlife online please click here. You will be taken to the secure website of Rapidata, who process direct debits on behalf of Childlife. 


Increasing your Regular Gift

If you already have a direct debit to Childlife and would like to increase it, please fill in the form below, stating the amount,  frequency and start date of your new gift in the message box and we will be able to amend your donation. You will receive a letter detailing the changes to your direct debit at least 10 working days before the amended payment is taken and have the right cancel it at any time.

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Cancelling your Regular Gift

If you have a direct debit with Childlife and would like to notify us that you are cancelling, please fill in the form below, stating the date from which you will be cancelling your direct debit and we will amend our records accordingly. Please note that we cannot cancel your direct debit directly with your bank. You will need to contact your bank in order to do this.    
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