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Request a home moneybox

De-clutter your purse or pockets and collect your loose change in oneof our home money boxes instead. It may not seem like a lot buttogether with other supporters you can make a huge difference. To dateover £280,000 has been raised by our money box supporters and we wouldlike to thank everyone who has donated in this way and made thispossible.    

Home moneyboxOurhome money boxes are flat packed so that they are easy to mail out.All you need to do is fold in the flaps to create your own box and thenplace it somewhere handy where you can collect loose change.  

If you would like us to send you a home moneybox, please email us with your postal address or call us on 01252 628 072.

If you wish to display a collecting box in a public place, you will need one of our plastic collecting boxes, please email us for more details.

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