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A - Z of Fundraising Ideas for individuals

Auction of promises • People offer goods and services to be auctioned off.

Cake sale
Bad taste clothing day • Organise at work – people pay to wear bad taste clothing.

Cake Baking • Cook some yummy cakes and sell them for a £1 a slice.

Dinner for good
• It’s simple – go to You can create your own invitations.  Guests accept and donate to Childlife. You then hold a fun dinner party or maybe a murder mystery.

• Turn out all your old stuff and sell it on Ebay. You’ll be amazed how much all your unwanted goods can raise.

• Encourage your friends to support you through Facebook and other social networking sites - lots of gentle reminders and links to your fundraising page will help.

Gift Aid
• Reclaim money from the money people donate by asking them to tick the Gift Aid box if they are a UK taxpayer.

Hat dayHat day
• People pay to wear a hat for the day – you could have a prize for the silliest hat and the person who wears theirs the longest.

• Friends and family to donate money in place of presents for Christmas.

• This is a text donation service through JustGiving in conjunction with Vodafone. Go to where you can create your own unique code for people to donate between £1 and £10 to Childlife straight from their mobile..

Karaoke night
• Ask a local Pub if you can use a space for a private Karaoke night – each singer will make a donation per song.

Lucky dip Secret Santa
• Ask people to donate little gifts and then wrap them up and charge people for a lucky dip present.

Mobile phone recycling
• Collect up all your old mobiles (as well as inkjet cartridges and laser toners) and go to to register your items and find out how to send themName the teddy off to raise money for Childlife.

Name the Teddy
• The winner of the competition gets to keep the teddy.

Open House
• Invite people to bring homemade crafts and food to sell at your house. Each stall holder can donate to your charity.

Pamper night or Poker night
• Either set up your house as a relaxation parlour or as a casino and invite friends over.

Quiz Night
• Organise a quiz night with friends where they all pay a £1 and you set the questions.

• Night at the races – record a whole series of horse or dog races and then let each guest bet on their favourites.

Swear Box
• Place a donation in every time you swear – you will be surprised at how much money you will raise!

Terramuni potTerramundi Pot • Buy your own Terramundi pot (or other money box) and fill it with all your loose change at the end of each day.

Underwear on the outside • Raise money by getting people to sponsor you to wear your underwear on the outside.

Variety show • You could set up a “Britains got Talent” style show and get your friends to donate to enter.

Wine tasting evening • A fun evening where guests will have tasting notes and have to guess which wine (labels will be obscured) they are tasting from the description.

Christmas decorationsX-mas cards and decorations • Make your own X-mas cards and decorations and then sell them at a Christmas craft fayre.

Yield • Grow your own flowers and sell them on a plant stall.

Zumba- thon • Organise a sponsored dance exercise class.

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