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A to Z of Fundraising ideas - schools

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We know schools are often raising money for their own causes, which is great, but sometimes it can be good to raise funds for other charities too.  This can be tailored to fit in with a curriculum theme maybe and can be educational, inspiring and help to teach children about helping other people.  Take a look and let us know which one you are going to try!

Alphabet Challenge • The children pick a letter and then fill a box with as many items as they can find beginning with that letter. People can sponsor the children per letter.

Burn a CD • The School choir or Orchestra can burn their music onto a CD and sell to raise funds.

Choir Concert• Parents pay an entry fee to see their children perform in the concert. For extra fundraising you could sell ice cream at the interval.

Disco • This can be held in the school hall. Charge an entry fee and get the children boogying away with flashing lights and smoke machine.

EasteEaster eggs in a basketr Egg hunt • This can be set up in the school grounds. Each participants will pay to join in the fun and then receive chocolate eggs.

Football tournament • You could set up a mini league and have a football tournament mixing up the classes so that each team has the same chance of winning.

Guess • Guess the name of the cuddly toy

How • How many sweets in the jar.

International Flag Challenge • this can be done as a whole school; the children will have to identify flags from as many countries as they can

Jigsaw marathon • The children will be challenged to complete as many jigsaws as they can within the allotted time.

KitesKite Flying contest • Sponsored challenge to see who can keep their kite flying the longest.

Lucky dip • Ask people to donate little gifts and then wrap them up and charge people for a lucky dip present.
Mathematics• How about a sponsored maths test—or times tables test, educational too!.

Nature trail• If there is a wood or countryside nearby, take the children on a nature trail and look for bugs and flowers. Charge a fee for the outing

Obstacle course• Create an exciting obstacle course in the playground or school field which children can be sponsored to take part in—maybe have a winner per class with a small prize.

Padlock Challenge • Place a prize in a clear Perspex box with a number combination padlock and the children take turns to guess the combination on the lock to retrieve the prize inside.

Quiz • Organise a children’s quiz afternoon. Charge per team and you can make the quiz educational—they can compete in teams to make it even more fun.

Read-a-thon • The children set their own goal to read a book, or up to a certain page or chapter, within a set time, for sponsorship.

Second hand uniform sale• Ask parents to donate all their children’s outgrown uniform and organise a regular sale time—this helps keep uniform costs down for parents as well as raising money.

Treasure hunt • Challenge the children with clues around the playground, charge a small entry fee.

Unwanted gifts donations
• Parents donate their unwanted gifts( this usually works best after Christmas) - they can then be either sold or raffled.

Vegetable eating • Sponsor the children to eat their greens.

Writing • Each class could be sponsored to make up and write a poem, essay or mini book.

X-mas cards • Ask the children to design a Christmas card and see if a local Yo-yoprinter will print them for you to sell in aid of charity.

Yo-yo–a-thon • Competition to see who can keep their yo-yo going for the longest.

ZOO-ology • Competition to identify and name as many weird and wonderful animals in the world as possible.

Follow us for news, fundraising ideas and events, eBay offers and many more...

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