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How your donation of up to £30 can help

£2 allows a family to receive a copy of The Ataxian magazine, full of information, support, and news about Ataxia UK

£7.50 per month will enable NCB to provide 12 young people with vital information on health matters such as the dangers of drug abuse, bullying and safety.

£15 gives a family with a newly identified deaf baby 30 minutes of free confidential support and information in over 100 languages on NDC’s Freephone Helpline

£20 would pay for a reflexology/aromatherapy or massage session for a life-limited child.

£30 will help give two schools the tools they need to ensure all their deaf pupils get the education that hearing children take for granted.

£30 could pay for a multi-sensory session for a life-limited child.
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