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Joanna goes from strength to strength

Picture of JoannaEven though Joanna now lives her life in a wheelchair, and has to rely on others for many things, she’s not letting it hold her back.

When she was just 13, Joanna was diagnosed with Friedrich’s ataxia, a rare neurological condition that has attacked her ability to walk, balance and co-ordinate movement. Now nearly 16, Joanna has gone from strength to strength. Her teachers say she is quick-witted, mature beyond her years and is expected to do well in her GCSEs this summer. Her school has also nominated her for a Citizenship Award, which she was delighted to win.

Clearly everyone thinks highly of this very special girl. Joanna is convinced that Ataxia UK has had a huge part to play in her life. “There’s something about going to a monthly meeting where people have a similar condition to me, or understand what it’s like to be in a wheelchair. Just going makes me feel more confident about life, about myself, about everything, and lets me get on with being me!” One of Ataxia UK’s priorities has been the expansion of its regional branches to enable families affected by ataxia to come together to share information and support each other.

The generosity of Childlife supporters has helped to speed up the development of this important network. Four years ago there were just 10 branches and support groups across the country. Now, thanks to Childlife supporters like you, there are an amazing 40!

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