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Success Stories

Childlife supporters are helping children and young people up and down the UK every day. The four Childlife charities are supporting families both practically and emotionally at some of the most difficult times of their life.

How Childlife has helped to make a difference 

Thanks to the support of Childlife donors, Ataxia UK has been able to fund a wide programme of research into ataxia to try to find treatments and a possible cure for the condition. 

There have already been important breakthroughs such as the development of a new type of drug that may be able to 'switch back on' the faulty genes that cause certain types of ataxia.

In just five years this area of research has moved from a possible idea to actual drugs that are now being trialled. To test the drug, researchers meed ways of measuring how ataxia affects people and if treatments make any difference to the symptoms. Ataxia UK research has developed a symptoms scale for ataxia, which helps to show if possible new treatments actually work.   

Individual Success Stories

To read about how individual children, young people and their families have benefitted from the work of our partner charities, please choose from the links on the right.  

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