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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the money split between the four charities?

Childlife is unique as it enables individuals to help four charities with one gift. Donations to Childlife are shared between the four Childlife partner charities. By choosing Childlife to benefit from their gift, supporters are enabling the four charities to help provide care and support to more children, young people and their families. To date over £6.8m has been donated to our partner charities.

How much is spent on fundraising?

This really does vary from year to year. This is reviewed on annual basis by the Chief Executive and trustees and we have to balance the need to have an active base of long term donors supporting Childlife with maximising the amount donated each year to our partner charities.

In 2011/12 £0.62p in every £1 spent was used to support our partner charities, £0.36p in every £1 spent was spent on raising further funds, whilst £0.02p was spent on governance and support costs. As Childlife does not receive income from legacies or donations from trusts and companies, we rely on fundraising from individuals instead using direct marketing techniques such as the telephone, mail and face to face. This type of fundraising does tend to have higher costs associated with it in the short term but they do deliver medium to longer term income.    

How do you fundraise?

As members of the Fundraising Standards Board's self regulatory scheme you can Give with Confidence, knowing that we comply with its principles:

* We are committed to high standards
* We are honest and open
* We are clear
* We are respectful
* We are fair and reasonable
* We are accountable

If you would like to find out more please visit the Give with Confidence website.

If you would like to see a copy of our Fundraising Promise, please click here.

I want my donation to go specifically to Ataxia UK/Acorns/NCB/NDCS.

I'm afraid that we are unable to send donations to individual projects or charities, as all donations to Childlife are shared between the four charities. This means that one gift to Childlife allows you to support four charities providing care and support for children, young people and their families. If you would like to donate specifically to one of the four charities, please click here and you will be able to find details of each our four partner charities. 

Why are monthly gifts so important? 

  • It means that we have guaranteed income for our partner charities
  • It gives our partner charities the security and confidence to develop and expand their work
  • It means that Childlife and our partner charities have a consistent, predictable income, so we can plan and budget better and therefore be more efficient
  • It means cheaper bank charges and less administration costs and therefore more of your money goes straight to our work
  • We particularly suggest monthly as opposed to annual gifts as most supporters find monthly gifts easier to budget for (but of course we are delighted to receive and annual gift if it's easier for you)  

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